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MobiScout solution

MobiCoach has developed a different set of products to control and manage your fleet. Fleetmanagement has been made simple by using a combination of products of MobiCoach. Every product has it’s own functionalities and is meant for different types of employees. 

Mobiscout mobile

MobiScout Mobile is an app for truck drivers, where they can communicate, register activities and handle stops.

MobiScout planner app

The planner app is a light version of MobiScouit Suite. The app is developed to give you an overview on your drivers and trucks anytime, anwywhere.

Mobiscout universal

With MobiScout Universal, your data is always available in the cloud. Just open the webbrowser and you can manage your fleet.

Mobiscout suite

MobiScout Suite is the solution for monitoring drivers, trucks, registration of hours and activities, making managementreports and pre-salary exports.

Which solution is relevant for your employees?

MobiScout Mobile is the app for drivers on the road. The app makes it possible to check stops, answer questions, navigate towards adresses and handle a stop correctly.

It’s user-friendly, intuitive and flexible. MobiScout Mobile makes sure that your driver does not have to worry about handling his stops and ride.

MobiScout Mobile has a lot more functionalities. Would you like to know more about MobiScout Mobile? Read all about it at MobiScout Mobile

MobiScout Mobile - Tablet

Please note that the screenshot is in Dutch. Different languages are available. 

The backoffice can check all the available information in MobiScout Suite, MobiScout Universal and the planner app. 

MobiScout Suite offers you a lot of possibilities to edit the plannin, send messages, check working hours and process period totals conform the collective agreement of Transport & Logistics. Make sure you follow the law and rules about driving and resting hours, and monitor everything accordingly.

In MobiScout, you’ll also have a view on motormanagement when you choose to install a blackbox in your trucks. This way, you can make sure to reduce costs of fuel consumption. 

MobiScout Universal makes sure that you’ve got a lot of functionalities of MobiScout Suite in a webbrowser. This way you’re not bound to your usual workplace. 

The MobiScout Planner App makes sure that you can check your fleet at home or when you’re on your way in a simple app. Check the drivers, trucks, statusses and messages realtime, anywhere and anytime. 

The collective agreement of Transport and Logistics is bound to a different set of rules regarding timestamps and compensations for different types of working hours. 

MobiScout Suite accounts for all these different factors and calculates the right amount of compensation. This way, you’ll only have to check and export the pre-salary to your accounting package. 

Correcting hours, days, vacation and sickness is also possible in MobiScout. This way, you’ll have a complete overview of the amount of hours registered.

The basics to make a calculation of the cost price of your rides can also be exported from MobiScout. Check how many hours are spent on a ride, how many kilometres and how many fuel has been used. 

Depot employees can can check every ride of a truckdriver. They’ll only get information that is relevant to them. The check that has been done, will automatically be sent towards the backoffice.

They’ve got possibilities to check and correct the returnable goods 


The combination of different products intended for use by different types of users provides different modules that are tailored to you as a customer. Common combinations are shown below, so that you have an idea of the possibilities.




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