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Returnable goods

Hundreds and possibly even thousands of units of packaging are transported every day. For many truck drivers, handling carriers such as pallets and roll containers are part of the daily routine.
To get a grip on which packaging is brought from A to B, MobiScout Mobile has a module that is specially developed for the processing of packages.
A driver can keep track of how much packaging he loads and unloads somewhere on his smartphone.

You can combine the registration of the packaging with a proof of delivery. A digital signature must be placed to approve the delivery and / or exchange of packaging.
This also ensures that your administration and planning are immediately informed of what has been delivered, what packaging has been left behind and taken back. This ensures that you can immediately send out your invoice at the office.

Checking packaging at the depot

If the driver returns to the depot with the packaging taken back, there is a possibility for a depot employee check all of the packaging. All packages are added together per trip, so that the depot employee only has to check the total amount.

Corrections can still be made at this moment. This way, the depot employee and thus also the home base have a grip on the packaging that is reported back.

The checked packaging is processed again in MobiScout and can be sent to your TMS / ERP / Order system.

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