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Motor management

Engine management and blackbox, it’s a common phenomenon in the sector of transportation. A blackbox is a board computer which transmits signals over GPRS, which means that real-time information can be forwarded to the office.

A blackbox can be installed by MobiCoach in the truck. This blackbox will be foreseen with a SIM card, so data can be exchanged. The blackbox is connected to the CANBus, CANgine to gather information regarding the collected data concerning the engine. This way, you’ll always have the correct data, right from the engine of your vehicle.

Information exchange via blackbox

  • GPS Tracking of trucks can be sent in real time.
  • Information about the truck
  • Information about weight, number of liters in a truck, temperature with conditioned transport
  • Information about speed, speed, number of abrupt brakes. This allows a report to be drawn up per driver to see whether optimizations can be made.
  • The tachograph can be connected to the black box, so that the driver cards are read out automatically.

This information is sent via GPRS, making it clear to the planners at the office. An additional advantage is that the use of a black box can save costs; With insight into fuel consumption, speed meters, abrupt stops and the like, you can precisely measure how economically your driver is driving and you can jointly see whether improvements are possible here. By running driving style analyzes you can encourage employees to drive more efficiently. This allows you to save around 10-20% on your fuel costs. That is also good for the environment!

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