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Laws and regulations in Transport

The European Union, the Dutch government and in the collective agreement, rules are drawn up that drivers and tranport companies must comply to. MobiCoach follows all the changes in legislation and regulations to ensure that you comply with de the legislation and regulations with our software. 

Collective agreement of Professional goods transport

You are probably familiar with the rules; a driver may drive a maximum of x number of hours per day / week, there must be breaks of at least x number of hours between the different journeys. Because MobiScout distinguishes between different types of hours, you as an employer always have an overview of how many hours your driver has already driven last week. The rest, driving, working and pause hours are automatically registered. This way you also have an extra check, in addition to reading the tachograph.

Arbeids- en rijtijdenbesluit

Automated reading of tachometer

The tachometer can also be automated. The driver card and the company card must be read once in a few weeks. This can also be fully automated when you’re using a black box. The black box is connected to the tachograph, so that all of the data is passed on real time. This data is available for you again within our total solution.

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