MobiScout Universal

MobiScout Universal is a webbased version of the extended package MobiScout Suite. MobiScout Universal is accessible everywhere, anytime, just as long as you’ve got an established Internet connection. It has a lot of the same functionalities, to make sure that you can access your fleet, vehicles, drivers and information everywhere.

MobiScout Universal works intuitive ans user-friendly, so everybody should be able to work with it. 

Functionalities of MobiScout Universal

  • Messages: send textmessages and photos so you don’t have to call often.  
  • GPS positions and statusupdates provide detailed information about the whereabouts of the driver, what he’s doing and how his day went. 
  • In the collective agreement of transport, there are a lot of rules concerning the salary of the drivers. MobiScout registers these kind of hours and calculates them conform the agreement. Afterwards, you can easily export a salary advance. 
  • Planning module: for follow-up on orders and trips
  • Driving and workinghours Act; the registration of the driving- and working hours conform the law and legislation. 
  • Temperatures: for the registration of temperatures with sensors
  • An actual overview of your trips, drivers, vehicles and trailers.
  • More… MobiScout Universal offers a lot of specific functionalities which make it an easy-to-use product. It contains a lot of experienced adjustments, askes by our customers (your colleagues or competitors). There are endless possibilities for exports, corrections, tripfollow-ups, plotting trips and more. We would be happy to show you all of the possibilities and functionalities.
    Interested in a demonstration? 


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