Do you want to know where your semitrailers are? Or find out what the position of a truck mounted forklift is? Tracking and tracing of your equipment even when there’s no truck driver around, is of course incorporated within the MobiCoach fleet management solutions. Our trailer tracking system makes it possible to find the location of your equipment whether you’re standing on the same building site with a smartphone or across the country behind a laptop. The NavTracker can send its position in set intervals, but you’re also able to choose to have it activate upon an event or alarm. For instance, think about activating the NavTracker when it leaves your premises after eleven o’clock in the evening.

MobiCoach trailerWas your trailer stolen? Our NavTracker knows where it’s at.

The following data can be transmitted 24 hours a day:

  • Exact location of your trailer
  • Is the loading door open or closed?
  • Is the trailer currently driving?
  • Have the system send an alarm if an enclosed terrain is entered or left (geofencing)
  • Have you thought about expanding its capabilities with temperature sensors?

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