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Fleet management systems play an important role in the durability of transportation companies and logistics as a whole. Aside from being good for our environment, going green and being eco friendly can mean a significant reduction in costs for your organisation. As a personal coach in mobile data, efficiency and flexibility is key for us at MobiCoach. These days it’s paramount to work efficiently with a FMS. A correctly designed and implemented FMS can save fuel and reduce the output of CO2 drastically. Next to reducing the total distance drivers need to drive each day, it also means drivers spend less time filling in unnecessary paper work. Durable transportation becomes a real possibility with one of our fleet management solutions.

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By monitoring an entire fleet of vehicles closely, you can have more and better insight in how your transportation company is doing. Therefor, you can have a better overview of your total costs. And by combining routing software and sending trip information to navigation systems, your transportation reaches a far higher efficiency by reducing the total distance that needs to driven.  It saves you a lot of time, but more importantly, it saves you a lot of fuel. When a driver gets sent to the exact location of an entry gate instead of having to look around, it saves him valuable time and effort. While at the same time you can help people people drive more economical by analysing their driving style. Also, because you don’t need to use any paper forms any more, sending information digitally, you’re contributing to a higher level of efficiency and therefor a durable form of transportation. The MobiCoach fleet management solutions help companies use less time to do the same amount of work.

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