Transportation of livestock

W. Sleegers Int. Veetransport B.V.

Sleegers logoAt W. Sleegers, livestock meets international transportation. The welfare of animals as well as HACCP guidelines are very important to them, as you can imagine. In order to ensure quality transportation, certain aspects need to be monitored closely. A fleet management system must have the abiliy to include temperature information, for how much time animals have been in trailers and even whether loading doors are open or closed. The MobiCoach solution offers great flexibility and is able to provide everything that’s needed. By using tags with an RF link, all information is transmitted real-time using the NavMaster on-board computer towards the Sleegers home base. If temperatures deviate from set boundaries, the software gives an alarm to make sure employees can take immediate action. This way, people can respond to problems in a timely fashion thus ensuring quality.