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Consisting of Berser Shipping, Berser Transport and Berser Logistics, the Berser Group has become a familiar name in Rotterdam and its surroundings. With a considerable division of container trucks, multiple groupage loads to the United Kingdom every day and lots of departures towards other destinations in Europe, this 35-year old family business knows how important it is to be able to meet the expectations of potential customers.

To stay in the lead as a logistic partner, Berser has shown a continuously interest in development and innovation. As a result, their entire fleet is equipped with MobiCoach on-board computers. They supply the home base with a steady flow of all the necessary fleet management information. And because of the permanent investment in knowledge, automation and equipment, smartphones have also been in use for quite some time now. The MobiScout Mobile apps make sure order processing keeps running smooth and provide an improved flexibility amongst drivers and charters.

On top of the MobiScout Mobile apps, the digital consignment note (CMR) of TransFollow has also recently been integrated in the MobiCoach FMS solutions. Because of their place in the supply chain of Beurtvaartadres and Zig Zag Forms, Berser has chosen to embrace the digital CMR and has been working ever since to achieve its goal of paperless transport. Working without any form of paper is friendly to the environment, less prone to error and it makes it easier to share information. For clients, that’s an attractive feature and can lead to a higher efficiency in the supply chain and tus a reduction in costs.

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Although TransFollow is already available to be used by anyone, it remains a relatively new concept in the world of transportation. A lot of companies have yet to make the transition to a digital consignment note. To implement this digitally and legally valid signing of orders throughout an entire supply chain can take time and will improve over the upcoming period both for national and international transportation.

In association with MobiCoach, the Berser Group can rise up to challenge of the rapidly changing expectations of customers by gaining experience in these new developments TransFollow has to offer.