Foodservice market

Sligro Food Group

Sligro Food Group logoSligro Food Group delivers all kinds of groceries to foodservice and food retail companies selling directly and indirectly to the entire Dutch food and beverages market. In 2008, they’ve chosen to equip their entire fleet with NavMaster on-board computers and while the number of vehicles easily exceeds 500 trucks, their fleet consists mainly of third party dedicated drivers. The system consisted of a combination of NavMaster on-board computers, the MobiScout Suite software and MobiScout Mobile apps for charters and enabled Sligro to attain a higher level of efficiency in logistics.

Recently, Sligro Food Group has made the decision to upgrade their fleet management solution and has started using smartphones and NFC tags to deploy MobiScout Mobile throughout their entire fleet of vehicles. Truck drivers receive their trips and orders on their smartphone, use its navigation and process Returnable Transport Items (RTI) in a fully digital way. Customers can sign for delivery and returning of RTI directly on the smartphone the truck driver carries, thus enforcing paperless transportation. From within every office throughout the Netherlands, Sligro is able to follow the trucks and the status of shipments online using MobiScout Universal. And so do the third party drivers that are working for them. In total, efficiency throughout their entire company is greatly increased.