Why FMS?

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Not only can the use of a fleet management system result in a tremendous reduction of costs, automation can lead to a lot more advantages for your organisation.

A reduction in costs? How come?

Automation of your fleet management results in a direct reduction of costs because:

  • You’ll have lower costs for communicating with your drivers. Data communication becomes available alongside voice communication. There’s a continuous stream of information towards your company home base, which means drivers won’t have to call in as much information any more. On top of that they’ll have the option to send text messages and photos if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

  • Real time delivery information makes immediate billing possible. Even when there’s something wrong, you’ll be able to take immediate action and prevent days or weeks of delay.

  • The drivers input on the on-board system will provide all information you need for payroll calculation. There’s no manual input required afterwards.

  • Monitoring your fleet of vehicles in real time makes it possible to take action when a driver deviates from his route. When unforeseen circumstances turn your careful planning into a mess, you can quickly make other arrangements and help your drivers get around them.

  • Through analysis of the drivers behavior and his driving style, the employees productivity can be increased greatly. Fleet management can help people drive more efficiently.

  • Keeping a close eye on fuel consumption is possible through a connection of the on-board system with the CAN-bus and enables you to take appropriate action if, for example, a driver keeps making too much revs.


Why automation?

Automation of fleet management is crucial, because:

  • Transporting goods from A to B is easy. Everyone can do it. Yet that’s exactly the reason why it’s important for your company to distinguish yourself from others. Proper fleet management leads to a higher service level by giving customers the opportunity to use transparent real-time information. Readily available, everywhere you want, all the time.

  • Road safety increases for your drivers and other road users. The on-board system takes care of the paper work, provides a driver with up-to-date navigation and an accurate communication with their superiors.

  • Realtime positioning, status updates and insight in for example how many hours someone has been driving for, make it possible for superiors to make valid and well informed decisions.

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