Returnable Transport Items

RTI inputDigital signature for RTIHundreds, maybe even thousands of returnable transport items are transported throughout Europe every single day. For many truck drivers, handling carriers such as pallets or trolleys belong to their daily operation. Not to mention the number of crates or reusable bottles that gets stacked on top of these carriers. To be able to keep track of which returnable transport items are transported from A to B, a special RTI module is included into MobiScout Mobile, our mobile fleet management solution. By giving truck drivers an easy-to-use and understable menu in which they can record how many returnable transport items he or she has loaded or offloaded, the company as a whole can have a lot more control as to where everything is.

By subsequently combining MobiScout Mobile with a digital signature or ‘proof of delivery’, you’re even able to provide your own customers a quicker and more insightful way of processing their returnable transport items. Once digitally signed by the customer, your office employees have instant knowledge of how many RTI still remain with the customer. It has never been so easy to credit them with the right amount. No more arguing about how many returnable transport items have indeed been taken by your drivers. Once the customer has signed for what has been loaded and offloaded, he knows and understands what number of RTI will be credited. And so do you. The truck driver then simply has to take everything from A to B. Clear and transparent for everyone.

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Processing RTI