All kinds of possibilities

Flexibility, efficiency, ease of use and being complete as a solution are all very important aspects of the MobiCoach line of products. On top of our own high standards, our solutions are also developed and altered to the needs of every customer. In short, our products can be divided into hardware, software and services.



The hardware our systems make use of, consist mainly of five components: Smartphones or tablets, the FLH- or blackbox, the Navmaster on-board computer, the NavTracker and last but not least accessories like NFC tags or temperature and motion sensors. All our solutions are tailored specifically to the needs and wishes of our customers and can fulfill different roles in different settings.


Our software plays, of course, the most important role within our fleet management solutions. Without the right apps and programs all different parts of the system won’t work in compliance with eachother. Where drivers can work with the MobiScout Mobile app in their trucks, planners and fleet managers have MobiScout Universal or MobiScout Suite at their disposal. Yet there’s also the possibility to use the MobiScout Planner app for fleet managers who are on the road a lot, just like their truck drivers.

In the end it comes down to how efficiently you want to work and where you want to be able to view which information. These are important questions when determining which software modules need to be activated for your organisation. From real-time temperature information in your truck to the ability to record the exact position of a company’s entry gate, our software helps you get around.


What matters most to us, is service and flexibility. In addition to the aforementioned hardware and software, we at MobiCoach also provide services such as personal coaching and support. But our services also include cloudbased hosting of your database, communication services with your drivers, appropriate SIM-cards and their contracts or even several links with different Business Intelligence Software.

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