Next to the MobiScout Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, we also offer the possibility to work with a fixed solution, in this case our NavMaster on-board computer. It’s a versatile and powerful multifunctional system and specially designed for being used in vehicles under harsh circumstances. The world of transportation is characterised by the need of a continuous exchange of large quantities of information, and to have all this information available to you at any time and at any place. The NavMaster on-board computer makes this a real possibility.

Easy to use

NavMaster losThrough a big touchscreen, a truck driver has easy access to information about trips, orders, driving times and other activities. The screen is easy to operate and works with a stylus pen as well as your fingers. By asking questions about the activitities a driver is undertaking, drivers are guided through a certain trajectory which registers relevant trip data. These questions behind all activities can be different for every customer and will be tailored specifically to their needs. Behind the scenes data is recorded like driving and resting times, rev count, location and times so that a driver manually has to give as least input as possible. This means a huge savings in time for drivers and also prevents them from making mistakes. All data will be forwarded realtime towards the company home base. By tracking and tracing of goods and parcels the status of every shipment stays transparent.

The advantages of our NavMaster

  • NavMaster ingebouwdA driver can gain time because of a simple method to input all data. All information is directly digitally available to others and can be analysed in realtime.
  • Keeping your backoffice up-to-date has never been so easy. Giving your customers the transparancy they need by letting them view up-to-date information, improves your services drastically.
  • The question trajectory on our NavMaster can be altered to fit your needs, the system offers endless different possibilities.
  • Working more efficiently due to a direct connection with your vehicles and their drivers, while giving your customers access to online tracking and tracing.
  • A simple and complete registration of all driving times and expenses your drivers make.

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