MobiScout Suite

How efficiently would you like to work and which information do you wish to have available to you? These are very important questions when determining the right software and the modules you’d like to activate. As MobiCoach of course we’ll help you answer these questions, for no transportation company is the same. As a program MobiScout Suite is highly specialised and can contain countless options. The software needs to be installed locally for it work correctly. That ensures you of an extensive bundle of information with which you can maintain supervision and proper management of your fleet of vehicles.

The MobiScout Suite software may contain the following modules:
Laptop met Suite

  • Dispatch module: for tracking & tracing and communicating with drivers
  • Hours module: for calculating driving times
  • Planning module: for routing and planning delivery
  • Payroll module: for registration of work times
  • Temperature module: for recording temperatures using sensors
  • Reports module: for detailed driving reports per order
  • Interface module: linking MobiScout to your routing software, enterprise resource planning system or transportation management system
  • Fuel module: for registering mileage and fuel consumption
  • Driving style module: By analysing and interpreting vehicular information such as fuel consumption and rev count, it’s possible to help drivers improve their driving style.
  • Management module: For a better insight in specific costs and expenses

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