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MobiScout Mobile: the flexible yet complete mobile solutionMobiScout Mobile delivery

The MobiScout Mobile app is accessible through all smartphones and tablets with an Android operating system. This makes it easy for companies to implement this solution and offers great flexibility. In reality, the system is often connected to drivers instead of vehicles. This way, you can have more insight and understanding of not only your own drivers, but also charters.

By using the hardware of the smartphone or tablet, the mobile app registers location and movement making it possible for planners to see where their drivers are. By automatically determining when a vehicle is moving or not, a driver will only have to report what he’s doing when he stops. Not only does this mean the driver has less actions to perform, it also saves him a lot of time. The app is easy to use thanks to its clear and simple menu, even when the smartphone or tablet is placed in a vehicle cradle on the dashboard.


MobiScout Mobile has the following modules to offer to you:

Lite Pro Pro+
Activity reporting  •  •  •
Communicating by text and photos  •  •  •
MobiScout Planner app  •  •  •
GPS Navigation – link  •  •  •
Preliminary payrolling  •  •  •
Tracking & tracing  •  •  •
Barcode scanning    •  •
Digital CMR TransFollow    •  •
MobiScout Universal / Suite    •  •
Trucknavigation linked to order management systems    •  •
NFC functionality    •  •
Sales order processing    •  •
Returnable Transport Items (RTI)    •  •
Proof of delivery (digital consignments)    •  •
Driving hours legislation    •  •
Tracking & tracing of goods and parcels    •  •
FLH-box (blackbox) incorporated      •
Remote downloading digital tachograph      •
Driving style analysis / Engine management      •
Temperature monitoring      •

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