Job opportunities

Transportation and automation are always on the move. And MobiCoach moves along with it. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new employees who can reinforce our organisation and help us expand. We at MobiCoach work with new technologies and new products all the time, to be able to cope with the ever changing demands of our customers. At the moment we’re working with a team of twelve employees consisting of a helpdesk, support engineers, software engineers, business administration and a sales and marketing department. Typical for MobiCoach is the straight forward no nonsense way of working yet with an open attitude and strong team feeling.

MoBiCoach innovatiefInterested in a challenge?

Although we currently have no job openings available, we’re always curious about new people and ways of expanding our existing team. For more information, please contact Antoinette Goossens from our human resource department.

Phone number: +31 412 690 690

Although we do not have any job openings at this moment, we’re always interested and willing to discuss further options. The interesting world of transportation and fleet management will always have enough possibilities to talk about.

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